Here are some White Papers I have written on various Office topics:

I am currently updating these White Papers as needed

Topic Last Updated File to Download
Dealing with Macro Security 18-May-2014
Finding the Templates Folder 18-May-2014
Installing an Access Add-in in Office 2007 or higher 19-May-2014 WP_Installing_
Installing an Outlook COM Add-in in Office 2007 and Vista 20-May-2014
Opening a Saved Outlook Template (.oft file) in Office 2003 or higher 20-May-2014
Finding the Office Object Model File 18-May-2014
Outlook 98 Fields and Equivalent Properties (still useful in higher versions of Office) 20-May-2014
Upgrading to Access 2007 or higher 20-May-2014
Working with Outlook Custom Forms 23-May-2014


To be updated